Lattice Beam and Block Slabs

The complete Ital concrete lattice beam decking system is based on a European concept in use for more than 50 years. It replaces conventional insitu slab systems with the associated problems of decking and support work and can easily be erected by unskilled labour.

Unlike prestressed or post tensioned beams which have a tendancy to curve with consequent difficulty in laying the blocks, the Ital Concrete lattice beam is die-straight and forms an excellent shear connection between the precast rib and the insitu topping.

The bottom bars contribute to the required area of steel and the top bar provides stiffness to the precast unit which facilitates handling. Once adequate bearing is provided, normal shear is catered for. Minimum strenght is 25 Mpa.

The lattice girder is manufactured on sophisticated electronic welding machines from 485 Mpa high tensile wire of varying diameters to suit the application and to heights up to 250mm.

Different types of material to suit local conditions may be used to manufacture the blocks but care must be taken to ensure adequate strength and safety during construction.


Left Right

Eliminates the need for conventional insitu decking systems

Reduces amount of insitu concrete required

In certain cases, eliminates the need for plastering of soffits

Speedy erection and completion ensures access to other trades and earlier occupation of completed building

Skilled labour is reduced due to the simplicity of the system and ease of handling. Ideal for owner builders

One stop service from design to supply of materials including additional reinforcing where required

Ideally suitable for sites without crane access